About Us

Welcome to Red Chilies.

Our company has an advanced production line to produce crushed chili and chili powder, with an annual output of 30000-50000 tons of chili products. More than 90% products have been exported to Japan, Spain, Mexico, United States and South Korea’s market. No food quality and safety accident occurred, our product quality has been praised by the customers abroad.
Experience ingredients that have journeyed to your plate from all corners of the world: from the Indian spice markets filled with intoxicating scents and brilliant colors to the Sava region of Madagascar where beautiful Vanilla Orchids are painstakingly hand pollinated to produce the coveted vanilla bean.


We Are Specialized in Chili Products Processing and Export Since 1999.


There are some factors that have made us a globally renowned merchant exporter
100% Natural Product
We are Specialised in providing 100% Natural and Fresh products Sourced directly from the Farms.
We use superior quality packaging material and equipment to ensure safety of the products in transit and delivery.
Timely Delivery
Time is a huge factor when it comes to food. This is why we are committed to ensuring the delivery of the order within a stipulated time frame.
Personalised Services
Care for the customer, and everything else will follow. Our founder believes that as long as you put your customer first‚ success will follow. The secret to our success can’t be found on one of our webpages. It’s grounded in the principles that have always guided us.
Client Satisfaction
When it comes to client satisfaction, we never accept any compromise. This is why we strive to provide you with the best quality services to ensure that the Products stays healthy and fresh.

Quality Assurance

Our finest ingredient. We are passionate about quality. we continually strive and never reduce the quality of a product to make it cheaper. We do everything we can to make our products better: taste better, smell better, last longer and remain fresh as possible.