Sweet Paprika

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H.S CODE: 0904.2100.00

Taste: Sweet

Color: 100-220ASTA

Pungency : 100-300SHU

Hotness Scale: 0-2

Length & Size: 10cm and up

Broken: Below 3%.

Loose Seeds: Below 2%

Type: Stem & Stem less

Shelf Life: 2 years at -18


Is a low heat chili pepper with a wide range of colors, ranging from 70 – 200 (Asta’s). Paprika is produced in a number of places including Hungary, Serbia, Spain, Peru, Mexico and California. Paprika is principally used to season and color rice, stews, and soups, such as goulash, and in the preparation of sausages as an ingredient that is mixed with meats and other spices.

In the United States, paprika is frequently sprinkled on foods as a garnish, but the flavor is more effectively produced by heating it gently in oil. Spanish paprika (pimenton) is available in three versions, mild (pimenton dulce), moderately spicy (pimenton agridulce), and very spicy (pimenton picante). Some Spanish paprika including “Pimentón de la Vera” has a distinct smokey flavor and aroma as it is dried by smoking, typically using oak wood.



  • 24kgs bag inner 3*8kgs vacuum bag.Maximum 25MT can be loaded in 1*40’FCL container.
  • 30lbs carton inner 6*5lbs vacuum bag.Maximum 23MT can be loaded in 1*40’FCL container.
  • 25kg woven bag non pressed package,12MT/40’FCL
  • 25LBS/carton package, 16.4575MT/40’FCL
  • 60kg pressed Sack